Kazra conceived most of their debut in the astral plane where the project led by Xavier Froger initially sought refuge from the drug infused haze of modern day rock n roll.

The Melbourne based project takes inspiration from the colours and sounds of 60’s psychedelia and infuses it into a modern context. Recorded in Bangkok, completed in Melbourne, their debut ‘Kazra - EP’ showcases Froger’s ability to create captivating and unique textures that will send one to the abyss of blissful nectar.

The music of Kazra is at once eclectic, colourful and adventurous, combining dark guitar based chords, soulful and catchy melodies, ambient electronic strokes, as well as lyrics which express feelings of emptiness much too felt in modern times. With influences the likes of Tame Impala, The Beatles, Radiohead, Hendrix and Flying Lotus, ‘Kazra EP’ flows through electronically and emotionally charged instrumentals, heavily driven pop melodies, and pure untethered psychedelic juice. Froger’s aspiration is to create music that has not been heard before, all the while challenging listeners, in the hope of inspiring them to awaken to seize control of their own lives.